Target was one of the first Uglydolls.
Old Target


Target is the grandpa of the Uglydolls. That's why he has hair! The other Uglydolls are a bit scared of Target's body hair, and wonder why he has so many arms. But they come running to Target when there are questions to be answered. Old age may bring Uglydolls a few extra arms and whiskers, but it also brings wisdom and foresight. Target is often bailing the other Uglydolls out of trouble and getting them into more sophisticated forms of mischief.

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Cinko is Target's brother.


Suntan TargetEdit


Suntan Target? That's right! Leave him out in the sun for a few months

and watch his nice tan fade away! Target has been away on vacation

for a while but he just had to come back to show you his nice tan. You would do the same, right?Target is the oldest Uglydoll, so he knows when to show off. ALL THE TIME! Life is to short to hide your suntan! Or other special things, such as talents, special skills, ans all that. Do you have one? Target wants to see!

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